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The horizons of digital broadcasting and publishing are growing and shifting on a daily basis. From the variety of content available to the quantity of content available it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for or something good to listen to. This is where the HC Universal Network comes to the rescue. From podcasts and broadcasts, to news and digital publications, the HC Universal Network aims to provide only the best quality content on the internet ranging from topical to niche, instructional to just plain fun. Our content is guaranteed to keep get you thinking and scratch that digital media itch.

Do you have a podcast or show you have started that fits this model? Would you like to spread the word about your show, and begin to secure sponsorship, use coupon codes and otherwise monetize your digital media dreams? Well, the HC Universal Network is here to help. Simply use the email below to contact us, tell us a little bit about your show and why you think it would be a good marriage with the HC Universal family.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Christopher & Amy Jordan

~Founders HC Universal Network~
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